Leftists Obsess Over Trump Drinking Water AGAIN

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Trump derangement syndrome kicked into high gear Tuesday after The President once again used both hands to drink from a glass of water, prompting leftists to declare that Trump clearly has advanced dementia.

Trump grasped the glass of water during a speech to announce his new national security strategy.

CNN host Chris Cuomo highlighted the incident, declaring it to be “the sippy-cup grip”:

Cuomo then declared that unlike Trump, he drinks “like a man,” grabbing a vase to demonstrate.

“I drink out of, and I hold it like a man,” Cuomo said.

“That’s what you do shots from,” co-host Alisyn Camerota chimed in, referring to the vase.

“Yes, but only when I’m working,” Cuomo responded.

Leftists on Twitter went nuts, with some convinced that the water sipping is Trump displaying signs of mental illness:

Chris G. Long

Chis Long is an award winning writer for The San Andreas Times, and various other publications. He lives in Sacramento with his wife and two children.

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